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Warriors Currently Online (10 warriors)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 13 Saint Miakoda Sanctuary (Online) Werewolf Female Today
Yes 12 Lightningstruck Mihcail Sanctuary (Online) Vampire Male Today
Yes 11 Emperor Jayrockwing Sanctuary (Online) Human Male Today
Yes 9 <> Teresa The Heights (Online) Titan Female Today
No 8 Goddess Silvana Sanctuary (Online) Halfling Female Today
Yes 8 Princess Naim Sanctuary (Online) Ghoul Female Today
Yes 6 Nour @@@ Sanctuary (Online) Draconis Female Today
Yes 5 < Guardian of Truth Riku > Lacedaemon (Online) Adony Male Today
Yes 2 I Lai Heri Sybella @ Sanctuary (Online) Elemental Female Today
Yes 1 Alfodr Odin +++ The Heights (Online) Titan Male Today
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