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Warriors Currently Online (9 warriors)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 11 Leaves Of Change+ +Groot+ Sanctuary (Online) Draconis Male Today
Yes 10 Dominion Aegnor Dionysia (Online) Elf Male Today
Yes 9 Chancellor Stringfellow Sanctuary (Online) Human Male Today
Yes 8 Moonlight Angel Lillyanna Sanctuary (Online) Felyne Female Today
Yes 6 Farmer GideonAlkaeus Sanctuary (Online) Dwarf Male Today
Yes 5 Ninja Kelsey Sanctuary (Online) Elemental Female Today
Yes 1 < ATAKA*S Pyramid Goddess SynfulDarkness > Sanctuary (Online) Draconis Female Today
Yes 1 Mother Confessor Kahlan @@@@ DNR Sanctuary (Online) Dragon Rider Female Today
Yes 1 God Kheldar. Sanctuary (Online) Elf Male Today
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