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Halloween Costume Contest!
< Marceline OedipaMaas >2017-10-01 19:18:01

As I mentioned in the previous MoTD, we will be having a Halloween costume contest. The best costume will receive an award of gems for the best title/avatar combination.

There will be a prize for Best Costume under 40 DK, Best Costume for over 40 DK and the Best Couple will also win a prize. Please note that if you have fewer than 100 DKs, you will have to send in a petition for your title.

There will be
1000 gems awarded to each winner!!! Anyone who would like to participate in the contest should post in the forum their title and avatar. We will choose three winners in each category. Good Luck Everyone!!!!!

< Marceline OedipaMaas >2017-09-30 22:05:11

Welcome everyone to October, a favorite month for many residents in our beloved Sanctuary. The flowers for October are the marigold and the cosmos and the birthstone is the opal. Residents celebrating birthdays this month are:

Shade 6th

Pixiedust 13th

Muzza 16th

Katarina 17th

Thyme 18th

HBLady 25th

Kalisiin 31st

If you have a birthday in October, but your name isn't listed above, please post in the forum under your zodiac sign and we will add it to the list!

Congratulations to
Warriors of Williamsburg for winning the clan wars for September! For October, we have something very special planned. The prize will be increased to 15,000 gems to be split equally between the clans that come in third, fifth, and seventh place. If you would like to earn both gems and renown for your clan then come together and start conquering those pyramids!

Our friends in the north will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the 9th, and of course the end of the month brings All Hallows' Eve or Halloween! This month we will have a wonderful costume contest. Let your imaginations and inspiration run wild! The information about the costume contest will be coming soon, so start planning!

And now, I feel the need to end on a somber note with the tragic story of Johnny the Elf Warrior. Johnny the Elf Warrior was very well known and well liked in Sanctuary. Women loved him, men respected him (and a few loved him as well), and his battles against the
Green Dragon were legendary. One day he was in the forest hacking away at monsters and making his way to the Dragon when suddenly he stepped away and forgot to log out. He ended up in a bad nav so deep that no one has seen or heard from him since. Don't be like Johnny. Please log out if you have to step away from the realm.

< Marceline OedipaMaas >2017-09-01 01:04:46
Greetings residents of Sanctuary and welcome to September! For many of us this means a much needed respite from the summer heat, and for our wonderful friends in the Antipodes it means the beginning of spring with the autumnal equinox happening on the 22nd, and the vernal equinox happening on the 23rd for the southern hemisphere. The flowers of September are the forget-me-not, the morning glory, and the aster. September's birthstone is the sapphire. Our birthdays this month are as follows:

Meghaninblack 3rd

Tomoko 8th

Timelord 11th

Letha 12th

FoxAlistar 14th

Sweetums 17th

Sybella 18th

Teresa 26th

ATAKA 28th

If your birthday is in September, but your name isn't listed, please contact
Kahlan and also post it in the forum so that she can add it to the list!

Congratulations to
Letters of Marque for winning the prize in August's clan wars! For September, the clan ranked fourth will receive the gems and the glory, so if you want that to be your clan, then start planning and strategizing!

Finally, we all have different backgrounds and beliefs, but one thing everyone here can agree on is bad navs are terrible. They're thieves that steal away our time with our friends in the realm. The biggest cause of bad navs is timing out in the forest, so please, if you step away even for a few minutes then log out first so that it doesn't happen to you!

July 2017
Mother Confessor Kahlan @@@@DND2017-07-07 13:44:59
HaPpY BiRtHdaY to

July 2 ~ Davina

July 4 ~

July 6th ~

July 7th ~

July 8th ~

July 16th ~

July 17th ~

July 17th ~

July 18th ~

July 22nd ~

July 23rd ~

July 30th ~

If your birthay is not listed above but is in July, please post it in the forum and send a yom to Kahlan.

If you would like your name colored differently than it is, please send a petition in with the colors you would like to have and I will be happy to change it for you.

Mother Confessor Kahlan @@@@DND2017-06-26 22:34:34
Starting in July, we are going to go back to the way we used to do the Clan Wars. The same clan cannot win two months in a row. So, whichever clan wins for June does not win the 10,000 gems for July, no matter where they place with points. It will be up to the clan leaders to send me the clan points on the each of the last three days of the month as it resets sporadically. If you have any questions, please yom me.

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