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< OedipaMaas >2018-02-01 15:46:10
Greetings everyone and welcome to February! February's flower is violet and the stone is Amethyst. Our February birthdays are:

Mayweed 9th

LilyRose 16th

Kali 17th

Hollyrath 18th

Kaitlin 19th

Mythy 25th

Congratulations to Letters of Marquee for winning January's clan war! If you want the chance at glory for your clan and 5000 gems for your clan's vault, come together and take those pyramids!

February is often thought of as a month of romance because of
Valentine's Day, but nobody loves a bad nav. A bad nav is the worst because it monopolizes your time and keeps you locked away from your friends and loved ones who all begin to wonder what happened to you. So please make sure to log out, even if you think you'll only be away for a minute or two.

Happy 2018!
< OedipaMaas >2018-01-15 18:47:47
Greetings everyone and welcome to 2018! I hope the coming year will be full of wonderful surprises and happiness for you all. The flowers of January are the carnation and the snowdrop and January's birthstone is garnet. Residents celebrating birthdays in January are:

Wolfhaven 6th

Himoro 16th

Farah 27th

Neon 30th

If your birthday is in January but your name isn't listed above, post your birth date in the forum under your zodiac sign and we'll add you to the list!

Congratulations to
Warriors of Williamsburg, and Friends of Kahlan, along with Elemental Circle of Friends and The Devils for taking the prizes in December's clan war. Each clan will now receive 5000 gems in their vault! If you would like to win glory for your clan, get together and start raiding those pyramids!

On a final note, as a group of people who come together for friendship and adventure, let's all resolve for 2018 to make dreaded
bad navs a thing of the past. They bring nothing but frustration for those who are unfortunate enough get trapped inside of one. Please remember to log out of the game even if you think you will only be away for a few minutes.
I hope everyone has a wonderful 2018!

Special announcement regarding the tournament!
< OedipaMaas >2018-01-07 20:04:56

Attention everyone! Something new for the tournament! Starting this week, if anyone participating in the tournament gets 100 at any of the levels 1-15, then copy the whole score and paste it into a petition and Kahlan will add your name as champion to that level. Until of course someone comes along and takes the title from you!

Winter Holidays Costume Contest Winners!
< OedipaMaas >2018-01-01 20:05:12
Kahlan has chosen the winners and they are:

1. Winters Doll Teresa

2. Starlight Celebrant Khalid

3. Gingerbread Man @

Congratulations to all three and your prizes will be awarded next weekend!

Tick tock!
< OedipaMaas >2017-12-28 16:48:09
Greetings everyone! This is just a reminder that the date/dance auction will be ending today in a few hours and that our End-of-Year Ball will begin on the 29th in the garden and carry on to the 30th!

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