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Poll: Contest Voting
Adaline2020-02-17 08:22:24
Hello everyone!

Thank you to everyone who participated in sending out candy grams. I had such a blast playing cupid for everyone!

If you've been paying attention to the Player Forums, you've probably noticed that players have been submitting entries into the Black and White contest going on.

Now it's your turn to vote up your favourites!

Participants will be awarded by the number of votes. The leading female will be awarded as our
Queen and the leading male will score our King spot. Runner ups will be selected as the Duke and Duchess and Viscount and Viscountess. So please help us in selecting winners. :)
Sweet Candy Kisses Audrey (12 - 25%)
His Bonnie Kali (5 - 10.4%)
Masquerading Lillyanna (10 - 20.8%)
Ataka's SheDevil SynfulDarkness (3 - 6.3%)
Her Clyde Tech (3 - 6.3%)
Love Roller Coaster Sweetums (10 - 20.8%)
Goddess of the Sea Rosalyn (5 - 10.4%)

Introduction and February's Event.
Adaline2020-02-05 16:42:26

Hello everyone! I'm Adaline, and I've just been assigned to be your events coordinator! My goal is to bring in some RP events and some of our favourite contests. Some things I have personally enjoyed are theme events and they can last up to an entire month! If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see, please invade my YoM's with your wonderful ideas. I can't wait to read them!

Now that the introduction is over, let's jump right into it. I know it's been a while since Sanctuary has hosted an event, but Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and we'd like to invite everyone to join us in celebration.

Over the course of Valentine's week, we'll have some events and a contest for players to participate in. Here's a description of the contest and then we'll get into the events.

Black and White Title & Avatar Contest:
We'd like everyone to come up with their best title using primarily black and white! Some colour is very much allowed, but we'd like the focus to lean more towards our theme. As per tradition for these title contests, you need to submit your entry (with both title and avatar) over in the player forum and players will vote on their favourites on February 16th.

Six prizes will be awarded to players who have earned the titles of:

Just a few notes: If you can't change your title, you can still submit your entry, but those that can, please hold your title until voting begins.

When it comes to your avatar, we don't necessarily mean you picture needs to be black and white itself, feel free to find a picture wearing a suit or some clothes that are black and white. Maybe you've died your hair? Impress us. Show us what black and white means to you!

Now that our contest has been laid out, let's move onto our events.

Candy Gram Event:

For the last few years, Sanctuary has encouraged players to write a romantic note for their loved ones and leave them in the player forum. Whether it was something heartfelt from deep inside, or a romantic poem; maybe you've really liked someone and chose to confess? Well, this year I hope to spice it up a little.

Want to send a candy gram to someone on site? Send me a YoM with "Valentine's Cards" in the subject line! They're going to be attached to my own little Cupid entrance with a little bit of candy. Please tell me to whom you would like to send the card, what you would like it to say, and if you would like it signed or anonymous!

Since I can only do so much, I can only deliver THREE (3) candy grams sent per person! Meaning, you can ask me to deliver only 3 cards to anyone on site.

Finally, I've heard that Sanctuary has held a ball or two over the years and would like nothing more than to spend an evening dancing. So what better way to spend the holiday than bringing in a dance? Let's liven up the chat all week with romance, wine and rose petals. We're encouraging all players to sweep someone off their feet, whether it's a friend or lover. Keeping with the black and white of the contest, let's make this a masquerade ball! Put on your favourite mask and join us.

< OedipaMaas >2020-01-31 23:03:37
Greetings everyone and welcome to February! A month of love and heritage. February's flower is violet and the stone is Amethyst. Charmaine J Forde once said of the shortest month that "Though February is short, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises." Our February birthdays are:

LilyRose 16th
Kali 17th
Hollyrath 18th
Kaitlin 19th
Mythy 25th

If your birthday is in February but your name isn't listed above, post your birth date in the forum under your zodiac sign and we'll add you to the list!

Congratulations to The Devils for winning January's clan war. If you want the chance at glory for your clan and 10,000 gems for your clan's vault, come together and take those pyramids!

February is often thought of as a month of romance because of
Valentine's Day, but nobody loves a bad nav. A bad nav is like an obsessive gaslighting crazypants partner because it monopolizes your time and keeps you locked away from your friends and loved ones who all begin to wonder what happened to you. So please make sure to log out, even if you think you'll only be away for a minute or two.

< OedipaMaas >2019-12-31 21:21:19
Greetings everyone and welcome to 2020! I hope the coming year will be full of wonderful surprises and happiness for you all. T.S. Eliot once wrote "last year's words belong to last year's language, and next year's words await another voice." The flowers of January are the carnation and the snowdrop and January's birthstone is garnet. Residents celebrating birthdays in January are:

Felesmala 6th
Himoro 16th
Farah 27th
Neon 30th

If your birthday is in January but your name isn't listed above, post your birth date in the forum under your zodiac sign and we'll add you to the list!

Congratulations to
The Devils for taking the prizes in December's clan war. If you would like to win glory for your clan and %10,000 gems for your clan vault, get together and start raiding those pyramids!

On a final note, as a group of people who have come together for friendship and adventure, let's all resolve for 2020 to make dreaded
bad navs a thing of the past. They bring nothing but frustration for those who are unfortunate enough get trapped inside of one. They are also very difficult to fix. Please remember to log out of the game even if you think you will only be away for a few minutes.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2020!

< OedipaMaas >2019-11-30 23:42:58
Greetings to everyone and welcome to December! The end of the year is fast approaching and with it comes the holidays! The flower for this month is the narcissus, and the birthstones are tanzanite and turquoise. Josephine Daskam Bacon once said "remember this December, that love weighs more than gold!" and I think that is very good advice. December is always a wonderful month here in Sanctuary with gifts under the tree in the inn and building snowmen in the town square. Residents celebrating birthdays this month are:

Orphius 4th
Xiqu 11th
Honey 24th

Congratulations to The Devils for winning November's clan war! If you want the chance at glory for your clan and 10,000 gems for your clan's vault, come together and take those pyramids!

'Twas the night before
and all through the realm,
not a resident was stirring,
because they didn't pay attention to my past warnings and they timed out in the forest and now they're all stuck in
bad navs.

There are gifts that keep on giving, but a
bad nav is the gift that keeps on taking. It takes your time and even your life. Make sure to always log out if you step away from the game.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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