• Emoticon Questions

Questions about Emoticons

1. Why are there little faces smiling at me?
That's because they know what you are doing.
Ok. So they really don't know what you are doing. Though I'm sure if we tried to take over your webcam we could figure it out.
These little faces you see are really called Emoticons. They are emotions in graphical form.

2. Where can I get them?
You can't really catch them! They aren't contagious. It is just a series of keystrokes and they appear in any commentary you might be in, if you type them, that is.

3. Ok, I guess I didn't ask the right question then. How do you make emoticons?
Emoticons can only be made in the commentary... when two halfs of an emoticon love each other very much.. These codes are normally enclosed in asteriks- * - and are substituted for the correct picture, by the server.

4. They are so small.
Do you hear that often? Sorry, but to help cut down on page loading time it is best to keep them small, and anyway! Size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it that counts! *grins*

5. I don't see one I like. Can you add more?
Sure, you find them and if I like them I might add them to the list.

6. Stop being so flippant!

7. Is there a list of emoticons?
Of course there is! You should've asked!

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