• Legend of the Green Dragon FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on Alignment

1. Is there anything I can do to improve my alignment?
Yes, you can go to the Haunted Castle everyday and "Confess", that will increase your alignment.

2. Are there certain mounts that are "good"?
The following mounts will now increase your alignment points when you have them. The "new" "good" mounts are Teumessian Fox, TigerCorn, Nemean Lion, Pegasus, Butterfly Pegasus, Celestial Dragon, Male Minotaur, Winged Harpy, Lunar Pegasus, Sapphire Dragon, Rainbow Dragon and Pega-corn.

3. What about the good and evil things in the forest, do they actually affect my alignment.
Yes, they do, so choose your path carefully.

4. What if I have a custom mount? Is it good or evil?
If you have a custom mount, you can send a petition and ask to have your mount be good aligned.

5. What if I am so far one way that I can never change it.
You may send a petition and ask to have your alignment reset to zero.

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