• Legend of the Green Dragon FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on CYBERING

1. Is Cybering Allowed on this Site?
CYBERING, while not encouraged is tolerated between two consenting adults (over the age of 19) in the privacy of yoms or a cottage. Cybering by anyone under the age of 19 is not ACCEPTABLE or TOLERATED. This rule is strictly enforced and those who break it will receive a LIFETIME BAN. We are talking real life ages here, not character ages. The onus is on the ADULT to make sure they are initiating something with another ADULT.

2. What does it mean when someone has a PINK RIBBON in their bio?
On this site we use the PINK RIBBON as a NO CYBERING symbol. Anyone who tries to cyber with someone who has a PINK RIBBON will be BANNED. They are off limits, you are not allowed to even suggest it to them. Anyone with a PINK RIBBON that cybers will be banned as well, it works both ways. Everyone under the age of 19 will get one of these ribbons and so will anyone else that would like one. Just send a petition and I will gladly add it to your bio for you.

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