• Legend of the Green Dragon FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on ROLEPLAYING

1. What kind of Roleplaying is acceptable in the Village Plaza?
The Village Plaza is a busy place, where people do their shopping, pay their bills and talk to and laugh with their fellow villagers (preferably in character). It's a place where greetings are exchanged, questions are answered, Congratulations are given and goodbyes are said. This is as it should be and everyone in the Realm is welcome in the village day or night.

2. What if I want to do some more dramatic and in depth roleplaying?
Serious dramatic role playing can be performed on a number of Realm boards, The Curious Looking Rock for example is a good place, as well as the Halls of Chaos, the Castle Towers, the Inn, the Dark Alley and several other locations in the Realm and let us not forget about Dionysia, the city that was created for role players! It is acceptable to do some role playing in the village plaza in the theme of the game, but the players have to realize that it is primarily for the day to day living routines and not a place for drama. Any role playing that makes others feel uncomfortable is to be taken out of the village plaza and to another section immediately. Any role playing that is exclusive to one person or two people should also be taken elsewhere.

3. What about private conversations between two people?
Private conversations should not be held in the village, if itâs not something you would say in real life at sayâ¦. the Post Office or the Bank, then donât say it in the village, take it somewhere private. Your houses are semi private as only staff can read what is in them, plus anyone that has a key. There is also the Rendezvous, a restaurant where you can invite your friends to dine with you and have private conversations. These conversations are deleted from the database on each new day and of course yoms are private. The majority of us do not want to hear your private conversations and you will be asked to take them elsewhere if you donât have the common sense to do it yourself.

4. What is acceptable in the Gardens?
The Gardens is a quiet place, more secluded with flowers and hummingbirds. It's a place to go for semi-private conversations (a good place for Sweethearts), swim in the pond or visit the kissing booth. Weddings and Parties are sometimes held in the gardens with an invitation being extended to all who wish to join in.

5. What if I wish to roleplay having children (including being pregnant), are there any restrictions
Most of us do not wish to role-play having kids, or anything to do with kids, we come here to escape the real world. If you do wish to do this, you can, but not in the village plaza, do it elsewhere, in a more secluded area, so that those that would rather not, aren't forced to be part of it.

6. Is roleplaying childbirth acceptable in any area of the Realm?
If you must roleplay this...CHILDBIRTH is to only be role-played in private dwellings. Anyone breaking this rule will receive a ban.

7. Is it fair to have these kinds of restrictions on roleplaying?
You have to understand that to a large group of us, this is our home away from home and therefore we feel we have some rights as to how things are conducted here. If you do not agree with or feel you cannot accept these limitations, then this site is not the one for you, good luck on finding one that is more what you want. If these rules sound reasonable to you, then you are welcome to join us.

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