• Legend of the Green Dragon FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on Clans

1. What are the requirements for starting a Clan?
If you want to start a clan, you need more than the gold and gems, you also need to have your clan rules and description picked out as well as a Name and a Designation to use. You are also required to have at least 5 clan members before your application will be accepted. None of these 5 applicants can share an IP address or a computer ID. Once you have your clan established, then it doesn't matter, but for starting a clan, it has to be 5 distinct separate individuals.

2. Are there an restrictions on advertising?
Please do not actively recruit from other clans, only yom those that are not already in a clan. If you wish to advertise your clan, you can do so at the Inn, where most of the newer players to the Realm group together. Have a glass of ale or two and extol the virtues of your clan. You may also post in the Dark Alley. There is also a place for Clan Advertising on the Forum.

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