• Legend of the Green Dragon FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on Bad Navs

1. What causes Bad Navs?
The Number 1 cause of badnavs is walking away from the game and timing out. You should always, always log out, even if you just click on quit to the fields and even if you think you are only going to be a few minutes. EVEN IF YOU ARE a coal recipient,take the two seconds to click on LOG OUT.

2. Is there anything else that can cause a Bad Nav?
Another thing that causes badnavs is using the forward and back buttons on your Internet explorer... the game does not like that, always use the game navs to manoeuvre around the site.

3. What should I do when I am stuck in a Bad Nav?
When you are stuck in a bad nav, send a petition and as soon as possible, one of the senior staff members will try and get you out. If you see someone on, try and wait for a few minutes, it works better if you are still online when they reset your navs

4. What if there isn't a staff member on, is there something else I can try
There are rumors that if you have a dart potion on you and you use it, it will free you from the badnav

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