• Legend of the Green Dragon FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on Colors

1. What are the color codes that` can be used on the site?

`1 Dark Blue
`! Blue
`2 Dark Green
`@ Green
`3 Dark Cyan
`# Cyan
`4 Dark Red
`$ Red
`5 Dark Magenta
`% Magenta
`6 Dark Yellow
`^ Yellow
`7 Dark White
`& White
`8 Deep Red
`* Medium Red
`9 Tomato
`( Slate grey
`) Light Black
`_ Light Pink
`d Dark Orange
`D Pale Orange
`e Dark Rust
`E Light Rust
`f Teal / Light Green
`F Forest green
`g Extra Light Green
`G Medium violet red
`j Medium Grey
`J Medium Blue
`k Aquamarine
`K Dark Sea Green
`l Dark Link Blue
`L Light Link Blue
`m Wheat
`M Tan
`N Dark Slate Blue
`o Deep Pink
`O Medium Pink
`p Light Salmon
`P Salmon
`q Dark Orange
`Q Orange
`r Rose
`R Silver
`s Sale Violet Red
`S Indigo
`t Tan
`T Dark Brown
`v Ice Violet
`V Blue Violet
`x Burly wood
`X Beige
`y Khaki
`Y Dark Khaki
`z Yellow green
`Z Chocolate

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